Hellfire, Transient the band, and whatever else

Has it been another six months since updating?  Well you know it's tough in the music biz right now but Indian Casino is still pulling that one armed bandit hoping to hit the jackpot.  We definitely hit paydirt with the first release from Transient Songs' bassist/multi instrumentalist Andy Gassaway (aka Jimmy Andrews).  His album Hellfire kicks ass and you owe it to yerself to pick it up or get on over to the homepage and check out a couple tunes. 

In other news we have been busy as hell (well for us) pushing the new Transient Songs LP Cave Syndrome.  No longer a recording project, Transient Songs is morphing into a fully formed band complete with five members.  Reviews of the album have been extremely positive and we hope the momentum keeps up.  More on that later.

The prolonged/much anticipated Return of HellDamnCrap compilation is in the works.  This is Indian Casinos' first compilation so keeping track of all the songs on disc, tape, MP3 and whatever other kind of formats we have been collecting has been a challenge.  The upside is all tunes are in Pro Tools and ready to head to Mr. Hanzsek for mastering. 


New Transient Songs Full Length Release.  All Eyes, Wings Albums Available

I don't get around to updating this blog much but lots going on in the Indian Casino world.  A lot of effort is currently being put into the first LP by Transient Songs.  Publicity will be handled by Kaytea McIntosh at XO again.  All Eyes, Wings And Many Other Things releases are also available in different incarnations on their site and available for sale on iTunes and Rhapsody and the physical copy of their first LP is available in physical form on our site.  So lots going on.  Please support your local scrappy label and check out some of our releases even if you just use your ears and not your wallets (or PayPal account)


Return of HellDamnCrap Compilation
A long time ago our friend in The Me-Thinks and Barrel Deluxe Mike Bandy used to create small hand burned compilations of all our friends bands in and around the Ft. Worth area on his micro HellDamnCrap label.  It's been a few years since this has been done and in honor of the original HellDamnCrap compilations we have decided to put out a compilation of a bunch of friends and Indian Casino roster mates on a CD to celebrate the original DIY ethos of Bandy and HellDamnCrap.  Look for more info about this around March


Eyes, Wings CD has Arrived

Well boys and girls the physical digi pak for the Eyes, Wings And Many Other Things CD has arrived. Unfortunately the manufacturer fucked up and did not set up the split shipment like I asked for and all the discs arrived in Seattle. Half were supposed to arrive in Dallas a week in advance of the CD release but of course in true Indian Casino style, everything is fucking seat of the pants. I guess the Me-Thinks Double EP set the tone when we had the CD release with no CD so we gave away Bensonhurst Buck vouchers. Anyhow, I'm headed down to get this shipped right out. I would bring them with me to the release but I'll be flying stand by from Seattle and there is a remote chance I won't make it. Ah the good times. Anyhow, the discs look fantastic. If you aren't familiar with digi paks, they are the cardboard open up type and not the shitty plastic jewel case things. I'm proud to say not 1 Indian Casino release has contained a standard jewel case. The album should be available on all the digital outlets in the next few weeks and the CD release should be a great show. Cheerio!


The Pungent Sound EP

Well as I write this Ray Mignon is upstairs packing to go back to Tejas. It seems only yesterday he showed up to visit and finish recording the Pungent Sound EP. I hate it when he leaves but I know my body says thanks. Always a blast. Anyhow, I'm happy to say despite the fact that we acted as complete degenerates this week, we have four brand new tunes ready to be mixed. Think Aleister Crowley meets your creepy Fraternal Uncle with plenty of 60's British nautical soundscapes thrown in. It's swampy, it's psychedelic, it's heavy, it's spacey, it's fraternal, it's campy, it's evil, it's odd, and it's fucking great. They sit next to the first two Pungent Sound ditties rather well but being new songs I like them much better. Ray just fed Jimmy Andrews, my wife, Scoop Jackson, and I one of the best Italian meals I've ever had and we wrapped up the final vocal tracks today. Jimmy Andrews contributed a whole song for the EP as well. The songs flowed easily and the tunes are sure to please. We spent the entire week in a cacoon in the Snakepit tracking. I have an ass load of mixing to do on these songs and sort out tracks, etc but look for the first Pungent Sound EP (tentatively titled "November of the Beast") to be out Early to late December. Rock n Roll....


So much has been going on the past year I haven't even had time to post much about it but here goes!  Ok, we celebrated one year in the red.  In other words, we are releasing discs (both physically and digital) and still not making any money but are putting out some great releases.  We kicked off the year with the first release by Transient Songs.  The EP is called "Plantation to Your Youth" and was recorded late 2007 and early 2008.  That EP is finally in its initial promotional stage being sent regionally by XO Publicity in Portland.  Early in 2008 I broke my arm so everything music related (including much work on the label) was on hold.  In Early 2008 we also put out the first EP by my old mates in Ft. Worth, Barrel Delux.  This was a six song EP and is a great EP.  Finally we are just now putting the finishing touches on the Eyes, Wings And Many Other Things first full length release titled "Tonsils, Toes And Everyone Knows".  We have high expectations for this release and are excited to see this one get released.  Look for the actual release mid August. 

It's not easy making a buck putting out music these days as the compact disc is going the way of the eight track and people simply are not into paying for music much anymore.  We encourage you to consume our bands music anyway you can but if you have Rhapsody or iTunes, a play or a purchase sure would be appreciated.  We are not in this to make money but having enough to sustain and put out the next release sure is nice.  Anyhow, I'll try to keep things updated more. 



Greetings, We have been busy getting The Me-Thinks release on the major music sites (CDBaby, Amazon, iTunes, Rhapsody). That and sending out copies to some rags has been eating up what little spare time we have. Look for a financial bust or a good year from us hear at Indian Casino Records. Cheers, Jack


The Me-Thinks album is Out! Sort of.  I just got back from Texas and is the case with many things in the record industry and Haltom City in general, things don't always go as planned.  The show was great.  The band played well, the people came out.  The Wreck felt like home, etc,etc.  But we had a CD release with no CD's.  We did our best to get everything lined up in time but they will not be in until Wednesday.  We did however give out some Bensonhurst Bucks as vouchers and those who bought early got a killer t shirt.  8 bucks for a t and a record (a double ep that is) is a hell of deal.  So the album is on it's way and it should be available on Rhapsody and iTunes in a few weeks.  I came home with a wad of cash, half of which was blown at the airport bar and the other half that I'm still carrying around.  Thank god for tax write offs.  And thanks to Linda for manning the merch booth while I was being a typical Jack and not minding my business like I should.  Oh yeah, buy a CD!  Cheers,



Well well well. The time is upon us.  Saturday night is The official release of The Me-Thinks make mine a double ep.  This bitch has been years in the making and you won't be let down.  I'm taking time away from my busy schedule to fly down to the Lone Star State to party with the boys.  If you are in town, Ft.Worth town that is or Texas for that matter and you aren't at the show on the 11th at the Wreck room you're missin out (on something at least).  I'll be the one with the suit on at the cd sales table if anyone cares to stop by and say hi.   Oh yeah, if you think your band is great (don't we all have bands we think are great?) then feel free to drop off a copy at the table.  I'm looking for some good talent and can't afford the bands in Seattle anymore....  See you in Texas