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On the island of Tanna in the South Pacific, religious sects known as �cargo cults� faithfully await the day when John Frum, their savior-figure, arrives on their shores to shower them with goods such as outboard boat motors and soft drinks. Since the 1930�s, generations of cargo cult members have gathered to celebrate annually on February 15 to see if Frum�usually depicted as an American World War II serviceman�makes good on his promise of delivering immense material wealth.

If this savior has manifested himself in John Frum of Seattle, Washington, the people of Tanna could be in for a long wait. Rather than preparing for any long journeys south, John Frum has spent the last several months with multi instrumentalist Jimmy Andrews recording �Plantation To Your Youth� under the name Transient Songs.

Frum�s 5 song basement-bred odes to burn-outs, ghost hunting strippers, regret, loneliness, southern California debauchery, New Orleans, and sleeping pill-induced derangement take the listener on a smoky, psychedelic odyssey through a dark orange fog bank best navigated in a seated position with plenty of beer. The record�s cinematic torrent of infinite guitar-chime and undercurrents of spacey, faraway feedback is an experience that reveals unnoticed nuances with every listen. �Plantation To Your Youth� won�t power boats in Tanna. It won�t make them rich. But one thing it might do for them�and everyone else who gives this a listen�is provide an exquisite way to pass the time while waiting to hit the transcendental jackpot.  - Teddy Brucker

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Transient Songs is: John Frum & Jimmy Andrews


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